Make your voice heard in NSU’s literary magazine

Digressions, NSU’s literary magazine is accepting submissions. Students can submit works of poetry, short fiction and art work for publication from until Dec. 15. All you aspiring writers out there need to search through the archives for your best work and submit it. Getting that publishing credit can really help you in the future when you’re interviewing for a writing job.

When you’re asked, “Where have you been published?,” you won’t have to sit there dumbfounded thinking about all those poems on the jump drive at the back of your desk drawer or those great short stories you composed in your head that never made it to paper. And artists, we’ve seen you doodle through classes instead of taking notes. We all know there’s some great art in you ready to explode onto the paper.

If you look for a job in the industry one day or submit work to a magazine or journal, you’ll have to compose a cover letter. Professionals almost always recommend that the cover letter contain a list of publications you’ve been published in.

So, when you write that letter to Cosmo trying to sell your feature about what guys/girls really think about during sex, you’ll be able to say you’ve been published in a literary magazine.

Suzanne Fer-riss, professor at Farquhar Col-lege of Arts and Sciences and faculty advisor for Digressions Literary Magazine, said, “I would recommend that students carefully review their work and select one or more of their best works — not all.”

Your work can be submitted to the managing editor, Joe Cirino, at Get your voice out there.

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