What happened to Lindsay?

Once, she was a beautiful young starlet. Now she is a jail-junkie, forced to clean up a morgue. But I can’t help but wonder if she ever really had a chance to be normal? Did she even have a choice when she became a child star? With parents like hers, maybe it’s time to stop blaming Lindsay and start prosecuting the incompetent morons who raised her.

Lindsay has three younger siblings, all of whom have been forced into acting or modeling in order to make their greedy parents rich. Apparently Michael and Dina Lohan have no talent of their own. So, they have to pimp out their children in order to make a name for themselves. And that, they have done. But it is not a good name.

As a Wall Street commodities trader, Michael Lohan drank his fill of alcohol and snorted cocaine until his three year prison sentence for contempt of court during an insider trading investigation. He later went back to prison for violating probation and then again for assault and DUI.

By the time he was released, Lindsay was famous and he spent his time capitalizing on her fame, thinking the name Lohan gave him special talent to create his own TV show and write songs. Eventually, all he was really good at was being an idiot on “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.” If that’s not a great role model, there always mom, right?

When Dina Lohan met her fabulous hubby-to-be, she was already a has-been, having moved from singing and dancing to hawking make-up at a cosmetics counter. It must have been a match made in hell. Dina, unable to find success of her own, made Lindsay into a child star with Dina, of course, as her manager. She’s willing to do anything to capitalize on her daughter’s fame, even take cameras into Lindsay’s rehab and shop a tell-all book about her daughter’s troubles.

With parents like those, I’d be a mess, too. Lindsay needs to get as far away from them as she can, change her last name and start over without their presence in her life. Perhaps she should try a restraining order, something her father is all too familiar with these days.

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