“Suck for Luck:” What say you?

“Suck for Luck.” Catchy, isn’t it? The phrase has caught on like wildfire here in South Florida, but there are those who haven’t heard of it. Andrew Luck is the starting quarterback at Stanford University, and he has drawn comparisons to Peyton Manning and John Elway. The Miami Dolphins are off to a rough start and have been searching for a franchise quarterback since the retirement of Dan Marino.

Essentially, “Suck for Luck” is a mentality that has many Dolphins fans rooting against their own team because the team with the worst record will have the best draft pick, and, in all likelihood, this draft pick will be Luck.

Jeremy Mathis, junior finance major and Dolphins fan, is in favor of the “Suck for Luck” mindset.

He said, “The playoffs are out of reach, and we need to focus on building for the future, so I am for that mentality.”

Javier Duque, junior accounting major, is a Dolphins fan who also supports the “Suck for Luck” mentality.

He said, “As a fan, I think they should “Suck for Luck” because they need some momentum for years to come.”

However, Giuseppe DePalo, men’s soccer head coach, does not believe fans should ever want their own team to lose.

“That’s got to be gut-wrenching. As a coach, I hear that, and it’s frustrating. It’s disappointing to hear that fans want them to lose for a draft pick. I think it’s silly. I think you just got to get behind your team [and] support them,” said DePalo.

Whether the Dolphins end up with the first overall pick or not remains to be seen, and whether Andrew Luck even decides to enter this draft is another question. Where do you stand on the “Suck for Luck” debate?

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