NSU rowing: Focused during fall season, ready for winter

On Nov. 12, NSU rowing competed in its third and final race of the fall season at the FIRA Fall Classic in Fellsmere, FL with both the Varsity eight ‘A’ team and the Novice Four teams winning their races.

The reigning conference champions entered the year with two new coaches: Mary Lenington, head coach and Rachel Sander, assistant coach.

Lenington said she is pleased with the team’s performances during the fall. She said there were four skills she wanted the team to really focus on.

“We’re working on building their physical capabilities, their physiological fitness. We’re working on their mental strength training and a lot of technique. [We’re] putting that to use on a daily basis [and] pushing limits,” said Lenington.

Lauren Boudreau, junior rower, said the team is getting faster and stronger and is learning a lot from both Lenington and Sander.

“I like them a lot. I really do. They’re very different than our other coach, but that can be a good thing. [Lenington’s] got to have a mile-long to-do list, but she never gave a hint into the stress that she was under,” said Boudreau.

Caroline Kelly, sophomore rower, said the team’s goal for the fall season was to see how hard they could push themselves. Kelly said she likes the support Lenington gives the team.

“[She’s] very supportive, and for only being here for three months, she was very hands on right away; just got right down to business, got us working hard,” said Kelly.

Both Boudreau and Kelly said many people don’t realize just how much of a team sport rowing is.

Boudreau said, “It’s definitely not a sport where you can give up on yourself, because the second you give up, you’re making everybody else pick up for you.”

Kelly said, “[It’s] very mental. A lot of sports are mental, but it’s one of the most unique sports in the way that you can’t be selfish. It’s such a group, team effort, and you have to all pull together and trust each other. It’s like a family.”

The team resumes competition on Mar. 16.

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