Dolphins dissected

The Miami Dolphins have finished the regular season with a (6-10) record and have left us with more questions than answers. Who will be the head coach of the team? Is Matt Moore the answer at quarterback, or is an upgrade at the position vital? These questions are shaping this offseason into an eventful one full of intrigue.

Before I dive into speculation, let’s take a look at the positives from this past season. Topping off my list is none other than Reggie Bush. Bush had the eleventh most rushing yards in the NFL, and of those top 11 rushers, he posted the highest average per rush with five yards per carry.

In addition to his impressive numbers, Bush brought excitement and entertainment to the team. The manner in which he ran the ball was truly reminiscent of his illustrious collegiate career, and everyone was on the edge of his or her seat waiting to see his next amazing move.

As a starter, Matt Moore had a (6-6) record this season. However, he did finish strong by winning six of his final nine games. Is he the quarterback of the future? I don’t believe so, but I’m not going to write him off just yet.

He finished the season with a quarterback rating of 87.1, which was twelfth best in the league. Keep in mind; he accomplished this without an offseason program and training camp since he was a late signing. If Matt Moore is the starting quarterback next season, I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with it.

General Manager Jeff Ireland has a ton of work ahead of him. Will this be the offseason he does everything in his power to acquire a Robert Griffin III or a Peyton Manning? Will he remain prudent and address other needs? Trust me. There are other needs besides a quarterback.

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