Expand your writing by submitting an entry to the 1st annual Farquhar writing contest

The Farquhar College of Arts and Science is seeking writers to participate in the 1stAnnaul Farquhar Writing Contest.

The Farquhar Writing Contest is for undergraduate students who want to submit a 3-5 page personal essay surrounding NSU’s theme of truth and power. The prompt for the contest is: “How does the theme of Truth and Power help you understand your role as a student at NSU?”

Star Medzerian and Kelly Concannon Mannise, assistant professors in the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences, started the contest to help students personally connect with NSU’s theme and to help increase the visibility of writing.

“This gives them an opportunity to use writing to make sense of something that happens on campus. It’s a different way to understand writing, not as something painful that they have to do in Comp 1500, but something they can use to speak back,” said Mannise. “Students seem really excited about it. They can use writing and express themselves without the constraints of a classroom. They can be heard in a different context.”

When judging the submissions, Medzerian said she’d like to see engagement with the topic and a well-developed and well-organized essay that avoids generalized statements about truth and power.

“Part of the idea is that they can take these nebulous terms, like truth and power, and ground them a little bit in a personal experience and make the terms a little more tangible,” she said.

First, second and third place winners will each receive a certificate and a gift card. Their names will be featured in The Current, along with the 1st place winner’s essay. There will also be a reception on April 30 in the Alvin Sherman Library, room 4009 from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m., where the students will receive their gift card and certificates. They’ll also be given the opportunity to read their essay.

Entries are due March 16 and must be submitted to the drop box outside of suite 380 in the Parker Building. For more information about submission guidelines and to access the entry form, visit http://www.fcas.nova.edu/student/writing_contest/index.cfm. Also, any student who has questions about their essay can contact Medzerian at sm1850@nova.edu or Mannise at km1319@nova.edu.

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