Cheap finds in the winter season

Shopping this past holiday season may have trained you to find the cheapest gadgets, jewelry and food. But did you know when you buy is also a factor in how low prices are? Though it doesn’t seem like winter in Florida, we can still take advantage of special winter deals. Some items are on sale because of the introduction of new models, causing the older models to go on sale. Some foods are cheaper because they are in peak season. From gadgets to big ticket items, here is what to buy in January and February.



The National Consumer Electronics Show is held every January, and the electronics featured arrive in the stores every August and September. Those items, like TVs, phones and cameras are now on sale. February is also a great month to buy a camera — if you don’t need the latest model. New models are released in January and February. Therefore, last year’s models are on sale.

For all you gamers who waited to buy the newest videogames released in November, now is the time to buy. Retailers know they’re not in demand after the holiday season and typically lower their prices.



Fruits and vegetables help us stay healthy, but buying them out of season can cost way too much for student wallets to afford. Fortunately, there are fruits and vegetables in their peak season available at the grocery stores. The large quantity of these foods means cheaper prices at checkout.

The vegetables to buy this season include: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, avocados, celery, parsnips, cabbage, rhubarb and other cruciferous and root vegetables. And the fruits you should look out for are: apples, dates, cranberries, grapefruit, kiwi, limes, lemons, papayas, tangerines, blood oranges and pears. Also, if you love seafood, west coast clams, oysters and tuna are cheaper now too.


Miscellaneous goods:

Camping and outdoor stores tend to lower their prices for spring and summer items, so buying tents, backpacks and fishing gear is a good choice in January and February. Home improvement materials and services, such as carpet installation, paint and new flooring, are also on sale in the winter. The holidays are over and tax rebate-buying season hasn’t yet started.

Household items like bedding and linens are also on sale in January to continue a long-held tradition. “White Sales” began in Philadelphia in 1878, when a department store wanted to keep linen makers afloat during the slow, winter months. If you know you’ll need new bedding sometime this year, now is the time to buy.


Big ticket items:

The winter is also a great time to spend lots of money on a motorcycle or a boat because you’re purchasing them out of season. Up north, motorcycles and boats can’t be used in the winter; therefore, sellers are willing to settle for a lower price. Look for items like these being sold in a northern state, and you may get a better deal than if you bought one in Florida.

Buying items that are in season is a great tool to help keep you out of debt or help you avoid that call to mom and dad where you beg and plead for money. Every season, different items, like foods and gadgets, are on sale so check back once spring comes and we’ll let you know what to buy.


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