Score some comedy on “21 Jump Street”

There is no fathomable reason for you to miss this movie. “21 Jump Street” stars Jonah Hill as Morton Schmidt and Channing Tatum as Greg Jenko. Together, this unlikely duo take on the biggest challenge of their lives for a second time. High school. Warning: Inappropriate hilarity ensues.

These former high school enemies join the police academy in hopes of becoming hot-shot superstars in the law enforcement field. Jenko was the typical dumb jock with an overabundance of popularity (Tatum plays his role well, for once), while Schmidt was the stubby, Eminem-wannabe who could barely turn heads—unless it was to watch him stumble over his own shoelaces. It turns out that Schmidt and Jenko need each other to survive police academy, and over the course of training, they become best friends. From the get-go, you will laugh yourself to tears watching these guys attempt to act like legitimate defenders of the law. Jonah Hill never fails to crack me up, and I still love him even though he dropped the weight.

Despite having a bromance that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck would envy, Schmidt and Jenko are both such crappy officers, they get sent to a Korean church on 21 Jump Street, which houses an undercover police division led by none other than rapper Ice Cube, who plays the short-fused Captain Dickson. If you haven’t heard about “Korean Jesus,” you better ask somebody!

Captain Dickson sends the duo straight back to high school to pose as students to try and bust a drug ring before it spreads to other local high schools. The two find out that Eric Molson, played by the drop-dead-gorgeous Dave Franco (younger brother of James Franco from “127 Hours” and “Pineapple Express”), is the supplier for the “goods.” Naturally, these guys end up tripping on the very drug they are there to confiscate and have the most epic tweak-out seen since “Project X” (2012).

High school has never been crazier. Schmidt and Jenko fall back into the swing of adolescence in the midst of drug busting, undercover aliases, and homework.

Johnny Depp makes a spectacular cameo appearance towards the end of the movie. It turns out, Depp was in the original “21 Jump Street” TV show back in 1987.

I’ve got some excellent news, a part two is definitely in the works and, hopefully, in the near future we can see Schmidt and Jenko return to take on the next major obstacle of their careers…college.

Catch “21 Jump Street” in theaters now. This movie is rated R for a hilarious good time, drug use, language and some below-the-belt action.

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