Crazy movie fads: The vampire edition

This year, there will be at least three films involving vampires. The first, “Underworld Awakening,” premiered in late January. “Dark Shadows,” starring a vampiric Johnny Depp, hits theatres on May 11 and, possibly the most unique film of the three, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” will premiere this summer.

Happy Hunger Games

After watching this movie, I can happily tell you guys, this movie isn’t just for girls. There is a slight love triangle, two hot guys and a heroine (girl power!), but the movie is also about children killing other children. The movie didn’t tone down the violence. We saw children from 11 districts turn into killing machines to become the lone survivor. So, guys and gals this movie is for both of you and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Join the party with “Project X”

Hands down, if you miss this movie, you’ve lost an exciting vicarious experience that may not change your life, but it will give you a hell of a lot of incentive to do so. “Project X” is every innate party animal’s wet dream. The entire premise of the story is about three misfits who, while on the hunt for some co-ed lovin’, throw the most epic birthday party to ever hit suburban Pasadena, Calif.

Movie Review: War Horse

After the “Marley and Me” incident, I thought I’d learned my lesson from animal movies, which was: stay the hell away from them. I’ve never really considered myself a person who would curl up into a ball on the floor and whimper, “It’s just a movie, it’s just a movie,” because of an animal. Evidently, I was wrong.

2012 movie premieres

You may have noticed it last year — 2011 was a bad year for movies. Sure, there were some “OK” titles and a few long awaited movies like “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” and “Drive,” but that doesn’t compare to the list of films being released this year. Not every big movie of the year is mentioned, but each one is sure to be an unforgettable, unique experience that will, hopefully, make up for last year’s dismal release performances.