Become a Certified Scuba Diver at NSU

Scuba diving can now be checked off the list of exciting programs at NSU, thanks to the new academic diving program. This program offers scuba diving training for academic credit as well as for recreation purpose.

The Introduction to Scuba Diving (MBIO 4900), was added to the course catalog this summer. The course is a three-credit hour elective from Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences. Students become certified divers at the end of the course. There is a $200 lab fee, which covers boat fees, lake dives, books and other materials needed for the class.

The NSU academic diving program also has the recreation scuba diving course, which offers classes for certification only. This recreation class is open to both NSU students and the public, and costs $250. This fee also includes all materials and equipment needed for the class.

Tec Clark, the assistant director of scuba development and instruction said that the diving classes offered here at NSU are very unique and are better than classes offered by dive shops in South Florida. Students get more experience in the pool and are taught by experienced instructors; also they are not required to buy any equipment for the class.

He said the program has an equipment locker where all regulators are equipped with dive computers, for the purpose of providing the most efficient training.

The Academic Diving program also supervises the Scuba Crew, a student organization, which allows certified divers to go diving as their club activity.

Tec said students should expect exploration in class. “To breathe air under water and be weightless is really an experience that you cannot get in any other sport. It’s wonderful! My three words to describe the experience are exploration, confidence, and fun!”

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