New Aviation Program at NSU Takes Flight

To help satisfy the increase in demand for qualified pilots by the Federal Aviation Administration, NSU will start offering a Bachelor of Science Degree in human services administration with concentration in human factors, which focuses on the psychological behaviors of pilots, starting this fall.

This program brings together NSU and American Flyers Inc., the oldest flight training school in the United States, to work towards meeting the growing need of qualified pilots within the aviation industry. This program will allow aspiring pilots to be trained, not just in the technical procedures of aviation, but also in the human factors that are associated with it. This program contains two concentrations, which are: basics in aviation and professional development in aviation.

Classes are available online, and are provided with live flight training offered through American Flyers. Ian Dasho, admissions liaison for American Flyers, said, the collaboration seemed like perfect timing.

He also said that it is imperative that prospective pilots get a clear understanding of the human factors that come with the skill of aviation he said that, The Federal Aviation Administration wanted to place an emphasis on communication break down between pilots.

This knowledge he said, “This will make for a safe transition of roles and safe operation of the aircraft.”

During the program, American Flyers will provide simulator and actual flight training, allowing students to earn their private pilot’s license and instrument rating. An advanced flight training and aviation career curriculum is also offered. With this, students can earn their commercial, multi-engine and flight instructor certificates.

There are eight students enrolled in the program for the fall semester. There is however an additional cost to the tuition for students who are looking to get the private pilot’s license. This is, however, an additional cost, that will have to be discussed with a financial aid advisor, which includes all amenities, certificates, and trainings at the airport. At the end of the program, which lasts about eight months, students will be issued with a private pilot’s license.

Kim Durham, Ph.D., the executive dean in charge of putting this program together said, this program is focused on the students, and with the education in human services it will allow students to make good judgment.

She also said, “It brings confidence that you have mastered everything to be able to fly a plane, and once you have done everything you can, and are in the right frame of mind to do it, that is what makes it fun.”

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