On The Bench


Growing up most kids are somehow attached to the world of sports. For some, sports are just the things that you have to do in order to pass gym class, but for others sports are much more than a simple game in gym class. For them, it is a way to separate themselves from the real world, a way to bond with their families and also a way to have some fun.

These kids are the ones who played sports since the ripe age of five and these kids are the ones who watched countless hours of their favorite sport with their family. They are kids who go on to receive scholarships to attend school and dream of being part of a National Championship .

What most people do not realize about these athletes is that they could not have achieved this success without the care and support of fans. At a young age, the fans are usually just the athletes’ family and maybe some friends from school. But, as they grow so does their fan base. By the time they reach high school, they have usually gained not only the support of friends and family, but of the student body as well.

This should not change in college. While we may not have a Division I football program at NSU, we still have a very strong athletic program. From men’s basketball to women’s golf, all of our athletic teams want and need support from you — the students of NSU. For those who already attend NSU games, keep it up. For those those who haven’t yet, get out there and cheer on your classmates. They would love the support.

How many are proud to be an NSU Shark? If you are, then you should show this pride for NSU athletics too.

Did you know that out of the 17 NSU teams the Sharks have won a total of 19 conference championships since 2005? Did you know the swimming and diving team had 22 All-Americans last season? Also, did you know that men’s golf won the National Championship last year, and that women’s golf has won the National Championship every year since 2009?

These are only some of the examples of the acheivements of NSU’s athletes. This is why you should come out and support our teams. Whether it is women’s volleyball, men’s soccer or women’s soccer, come out to the arena or to the soccer complex donning those signature blue “Shark Pride” t-shirts and cheer on your NSU Sharks.

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