The fashion DOs & DONTs for fall

DO walk on the wild side with leopard print accessories.

DO embrace the scarf as an accessory

DO use earrings to dress up a basic outfit

DON’T overdo it with accessories

DO play with colors and prints, but DON’T revive the disco!

DO layer,
but DON’T let layering get the best of you

DON’T say goodbye to summer maxidresses just yet

DO show off your own personal style

And, DON’T forget to have fun with your outfits!

Here are my top five fashion trends:

Coming in at Number 5 are pencil skirts. They are going beyond the workplace. Their fun and classy and they come in many prints and colors.

Number 4 is animal print. Personally, I love leopard. But all animal print can make an outfit funky and unique. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your clothing, it can be a handbag or a pump, just don’t overdo it.

Number 3 is leather. It is making a comeback. A leather skirt or leather shorts can spice up any outfit.

Number 2 is collars. You can wear a simple collared top are something a little more bold with prints, lace, or studs.

Finally, coming in at Number 1, my personal favorite – the loafer! These are made for a true fashionista. I love, love, love the spiked loafers. For those days you want your outfit to be simple, add these for an edgy look.

Whatever fashion trend you choose; always show off your own personal style. Like the famous saying goes “Fashion fades, but style is eternal.”

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