Fun at the Fair

On Sept. 19, the Office of Undergraduate Student Success held its third annual Student Success Fair, an event to familiarize undergraduate students with campus resources. More than 350 students participated in the fair that was held in the Carl DeSantis building’s Atrium. Tables were set up with activities from the offices of Academic Services, Career Development, and more than a dozen others.

The Atrium was filled with games, candy, small prizes, and NSU dining hall food vouchers that students earned after visiting at least eight tables.

Sheila Fabius, student success coach at the Office of Undergraduate Student Success who chaired the event, said, “Our goal was to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to interact with and receive valuable information about various student services that can help them succeed and earn their NSU degree.”

Fabius hopes students who participated in the fair left with a greater knowledge of the various academic support services and resources available to them on campus.

As a working student who juggles her time, freshman Yeramar Triplett, business administration major, said, “The most helpful tables to me were Counseling, Advising and Academic Services.”

Freshman Farhan Khan, biology major, said that he found Financial Aid’s table helpful because he learned of the different scholarship opportunities and other help.

Mike Hoang, junior biology major, said, “It’s very efficient for first year students because [they learned] of all of the offices [that] came out to show what services are at NSU.”

Similarly, Omar Viqar, freshman biology major said, “Academic Services and Student Success were the most helpful. Academic Services gave tips on testing and how to set up appointments.”

According to these students, the fair was helpful and informative on who’s who and what’s what at NSU.

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