2013 Leadership Conference open to students

NSU’s Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement is set to host the 2013 Winter Leadership Conference on Jan. 19, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Carl DeSantis Building. The event will consist of a series of workshop sessions on diversity, time management, effective advertising, team-building, and other topics to benefit student leaders.

A family searches for their son

Christian Aguilar, 18, was last seen Sept. 20 with Pedro Bravo, a close friend and former Doral Academy Preparatory School classmate who attends nearby Sante Fe College. Bravo was arrested Sept. 24, and charged with depriving a crime victim of medical treatment and attempted murder. He told police that he and Aguilar had fought and he left Aguilar bloody and barely breathing.

NSU Student Engagement Survey

Starting Oct. 1, the annual “I Believe in NSU” survey will be available.
The purpose of the survey is for the administration to get a better understanding of the NSU student’s overall experience. The responses are used to improve the quality of education and services provided by the university.

Dear NSU students: Want change? Make change!

When I transferred here last year from FIU, I was disappointed to find that students here didn’t hold student involvement and student leadership in a high regard. As I began to become involved at NSU, I learned more about the university system and began to understand the uniqueness of the NSU student experience. Here are six conclusions that I have reached in my two semesters of being a Shark: