Restaurant review : Vignetos Italian Grill

Vignetos Italian Grill in Weston is one of the better family-run restaurants in the area.  It has a welcoming vibe and very affordable prices.

Right when I walked in, I was greeted enthusiastically by a hostess and ushered to a table, and shortly after, I was presented with complimentary garlic rolls.

The menu boasts a large selection of appetizers to choose from including mozzarella sticks, fried zucchini, and mussels.  The eggplant caprese is dipped in a homemade balsamic glazed sauce that gives the meal a sweeter taste.  It was unlike any balsamic based sauce I had ever tasted and complimented the eggplant extremely well.

The soup and salad selection is very indicative of a typical Italian restaurant. Pasta fagioli is the main soup and a house and caesar salad are also available to order.  The house salad comes with homemade balsamic vinaigrette that adds a unique flavor to the salad.  It is not often that a house dressing distinguishes itself, but this one stood out.

The entrees consist primarily of a blend of classic and diverse pasta dishes.  Some dishes with chicken as the primary entrée are also available to order.  The penne alla vodka is an exceptional dish loaded with flavor.  The homemade sauce was heavenly.  It has an addicting taste that leaves you wanting more after each bite.  Its portion size is more than enough to feed two, and costs only $13.  I included chicken for an additional $3 and it really added to the dish.

The recommended dessert there is your classic cannoli costing only $4.  It has a familiar and warm taste to it and is a great way to end the meal if you’re looking for a light dessert

They also have an extensive wine selection. The pinot noir estancia California is the recommended red wine that veteran and amateur wine drinkers can both enjoy.  I finished my glass and was tempted to ask for more.

A children’s menu with basic pasta dishes and chicken fingers, among other dishes, are available for the young ones who may not want to order from the dinner menu.

The staff that I interacted with was extremely attentive and knowledgeable.  Amanda Wilyat, who has worked as a server at Vignetos for ten years, was very engaging and helpful throughout the entire dining process.  It was refreshing to have a server who takes pride in her job and offers the best experience possible.   She is the one to request for those planning on dining there and her demeanor and charm played a huge factor in my decision to start frequenting the restaurant.

Overall, the dining experience at Vignetos is great for a family outing or casual date.  With its low prices and large portions large, one cannot help but leave satisfied.  The staff will take care of you and the food is full of unique and delicious flavor.  They are located on 1663 South University Drive in Plantation, which is convenient for NSU students.  I give them four out of five stars, and will surely be visiting again.

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