Finding that perfect gift

Are you wondering what to get for that special someone or for a friend who seems to have everything?  Picking out gifts shouldn’t be stressful; it should — and can be — fun. Here are a few simple gifts ideas for all different types of people.

For the sports fans, who supports their team throughout the year, they’ll likely appreciate a jersey. Or, if that’s too pricey, look for a hat, whistles, game ticket, or even just a t-shirt. Specialty sports stores like Sports Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods are great places to find athletic goodies.

For the music lovers, listen to the songs or bands that they are passionate about to try and understand what gift they might enjoy. Perhaps you can get them a poster of their favorite bands or artists. Music lovers will almost always appreciate a good set of headphones, recent albums, or music gift certificates — such as one for iTunes or for a CD store.

For pet lovers, who can’t resist always chatting about their puppy or kitty, you can buy them something unexpected that features animals, little earrings or a hat with an animal design. Or, to going along with the holiday spirit, you can gift them with an animal ornament for their Christmas tree.

For the gaming addicts, whether they love simple puzzle games or video games, they may enjoy a classic Rubik’s cube; hopefully it will take them longer than five minutes to solve. Shoppers can easily find discounted games online, such as through or eBay. A gift card to a gaming store may also be an excellent gift choice.

For the fashionistas, who are obsessed with unique clothes and the latest fashion trends, go to their favorite clothing stores.  If you have fashionistas as friends you’ll likely know which shops they adore; they’ve probably dragged you there with them. Pick out the clothes you think they would love, while making sure to keep the tag attached and to request a gift receipt. Since South Florida has its share of rainy days, they may appreciate a nice pair of rain boots — which can be both practical and fashionable.

For the cooks, who always seems to be creating or testing out new recipes, don’t get them food. Stop by a bookstore or a cookware store for a cookbook that fits their top culinary passion. You can evern try gifting them with fun, whimsical cooking tools, like uniquely shaped salt and pepper shakers, an ice cream maker, or colorful oven mitts.

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