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Winter semester is upon us, meaning that many students have returned to NSU from a lazy winter break. It can be difficult getting back into the busy routine of being a  student, and it doesn’t help that procrastination comes naturally to many people.

In the first week of the semester, most students are bombarded with a huge list of things to do for each new class.

Fortunatly, the NSU Office of Academic Services (OAS), provides students with a variety of resources to help them succeed academically.

“OAS is here to help all students achieve their potential. It is a vital part of a successful post secondary education,” said Lisa Waithers, director of Academic Services at Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences.

Academic Services for undergraduate students  is located in the Parker Building and other offices for graduate students are located at the Health Professions Division and Shepard Broad Law Center. These offices work in coordination with academic advisors and faculty to identify the needs of each student.

Jeffery Donario, freshman biology major, said, “I was having problems in my calculus class and my professor suggested I go to academic services for a little more help with the areas I was struggling in.”

OAS provides a supplemental learning environment through which students can be tutored one-on-one for free in many different subject areas. Both student and professional tutors are available.

OAS services aren’t just offered to residential students. Online tutoring is conducted by main campus tutors through a Sharklink platform that allows the student and tutor to interact in real time.

In addition to tutoring services, OAS also administers mock placement exams, which help students gage how they might perform on their actual placement exams. These are available by appointment only.

To learn more about the Office of Academic Services, visit or contact

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