Students’ company to benefit community

Two NSU undergraduate students have created StampLabel, a visual design company that imprints custom-made t-shirts and outerwear for men and women. Every month, the company chooses a new charity in which 10 percent of every sale’s profits is donated.

StampLabel was founded by twin brothers and NSU seniors Jeremy Mathis, finance and business administration major, and Joshua Mathis, marketing and management major. Their customers suggest different charities that StampLabel should consider supporting and from there, the Mathis’ choose the cause.

This month, StampLabel will support Charity: Water, a non-profit organization that has brought clean, safe drinking water to people in 20 developing nations around the world. StampLabel’s goal is to raise $5,000 for Charity: Water.

Cristel John, graduate student in business administration, who has worked with the Mathis’ said, “I know StampLabel chooses their foundations very carefully. Not only do they set forth their profits to benefit charities, they also provide hands on help to numerous organizations.”

Jeremy Mathis said, “We will be hosting soup kitchens every month and we would like students to get involved and help us make a difference. We would also like [them] to become brand ambassadors and help us spread the word across the world.”

Joshua Mathis recognized that there are hundreds of charities with “great causes that could benefit from our donations, so we want to help as many charities as we can one month at a time.”

He hopes they are able to reach and even surpass their fundraising goals for each organization.

The company was created after the Mathis brothers put their two passions together: entrepreneurship and helping people. They believe designing t-shirts is a great way to creatively share messages and express individuality. Customers purchase the outerwear online, and either select an existing design or create an original design.

Jeremy said, “Our mission is to make a difference in communities everywhere and enrich the life of every individual. We will help as many people as we can and show people the importance of giving, so that they will incorporate [it] into their everyday lives.”

Joshua thinks that it is “truly inspirational” that college students would use their time and innovation to starting a company that helps those in need. “It’s rare to see college students trying to serve the needs of others. I hope for nothing but the best for StampLabel,” he said.

Joshua said, “Serving and helping others, and giving back helps you grow. You can impact a person’s life by the little things you do.  That one t-shirt you buy makes a huge difference.”

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