MonthApril 2013

Books and crooks

For many students beginning a new semester, their greatest fears are supposed to be related to term papers or tough professors. Instead, many must worry about how much their textbooks will cost, and whether the total will be something that they can possible afford.

Athlete of the week: Alexandra Johansson

Even though tennis player Alexandra Johansson was born in Sweden, she considers herself Australian, because she has lived there since she was 4 years old. She did not start playing tennis until she was 9 years old. The sophomore finance major decided that she wanted to try a new sport and has stuck to it ever since. Along with playing at Menai High School in Illawong, Australia for four years, she also played in several Australian leagues.

Print media will never die

It saddens me to say that the demise of printed news is a very real concern, as publications have begun to recognize the web as a powerful tool with more flexibility than print. Words that would have been black and white and read all over are now in full color and only a mouse-click away, and can be updated and corrected within minutes of a development in a story. However, the crisis faced by papers has little to do with journalism and more to do with advertising. Online publications are free because Internet advertising costs are a fraction of their print brethren.