Raw talent in OneRepublic’s “Native”

OneRepublic’s latest album “Native” proves these artists should be anything but tamed.

The pop-rock band from Colorado consists of lead singer, pianist and guitarist Ryan Tedder; guitarist Zach Filkins; bassist and cellist Brent Kutzle, drummer Eddie Fisher; and guitarist Drew Brown. Every member is brilliant at what they do, and when they come together and perform, it is quite the spectacle.

The band’s 2007 single “Apologize,” from its first album “Dreaming Out Loud”, brought widespread attention to the band. I remember hearing it used in a routine on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance.” Immediately, I had to find out who sang this unforgettable track.

Other singles from OneRepublic’s premiere album included “Stop and Stare” and “Come Home”. Two years later, the band released “Waking Up”, with songs including a “Good Life” and “All the Right Moves”. A consistent element of the band’s music is its mesmerizing tracks, which make listeners feel what the artists feel, creating an emotional connection. The latest album is no exception.

“Native” is the band’s third studio album and features twelve songs. The deluxe versions from iTunes and Target bring two additional tracks as well as three acoustic tracks.

It’s no wonder all of the songs on the album were written or co-written by Tedder; he has written songs for powerhouse singers like Adele, Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson, among many others. His natural ability to create lyrics that not only stand out, but stick with listener is a testament to his songwriting.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of “Feel Again”, the first single of the latest album, was used to benefit Save the Children, an international organization that helps children all over the world who are suffering.

A few of my favorite songs from “Native” include “Counting Stars”, “Can’t Stop” and “What You Wanted,” not only for their lyrics but for their relaxed vibes and smoothness. The second single “If I Lose Myself” is also energetic and captivating.

“I Lived” is about living life to the fullest and taking chances. Lyrics include “I, I, I/I did it all/I owned every second that this world could give/I saw so many places, the things that I did/Yeah with every broken bone/I swear I lived.” It emphasizes appreciating every moment, focusing less on regret and more on taking each experience and learning from it along the crazy that ride life takes us on.

The arrangement and beats of the songs are unique, and it’s the kind of album you can listen to while doing homework or working out. There’s a blend of hard and soft. With its incredible range, OneRepublic can craft music you hear on the radio that can transcend to television and movies. All the songs are intricate, yet simple and heartfelt.

Much like the band’s album title, the songs are authentic and natural and full of life. The songs are just as colorful as the album itself: bright and bold, making sure you “Stop and Stare.”

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