Five most exciting new bands/artists

Music has the power to create an atmosphere in a room, and stir up emotions in an individual. It can be used as an outlet for an artist to share a particular emotion, and have others understand it just by listening to the melodies. However, many great artists are not able to share their talent to a broad audience because main stream music tends to drown them out. In spite of this, I found five exciting new artists/ bands that should be recognized.

Don’t make uniformed judgements about up and coming musicians

Justin Bieber may have a new antithesis in the form of Rebecca Black, a YouTube sensation whose amateur single, “Friday,” has received more than 90 million views within the last two months. But viewers are not raving about Black’s extraordinary talent, as in the case of Bieber, who also started his career at a young age on YouTube. Rather, viewers are ranting about Black’s incredible lack of talent. Already, her video has received close to 2 million dislikes and a mere 230,000 likes. That’s a disproportionate amount of hate directed at a 13-year-old amateur musician.