Five most exciting new bands/artists

Music has the power to create an atmosphere in a room, and stir up emotions in an individual. It can be used as an outlet for an artist to share a particular emotion, and have others understand it just by listening to the melodies. However, many great artists are not able to share their talent to a broad audience because main stream music tends to drown them out. In spite of this, I found five exciting new artists/ bands that should be recognized.

Elizaveta: She is considered a pop artist, but her sound is unconventional. Elizaveta incorporates her opera background into her music that enhances the emotion of her tune. Listening to her single “Dreamer” brought up the feeling of hopefulness and confidence. The lyric “Let your dreaming be your guide” gave me a shimmer of hope that my hard work will pay off at the end, and inspired me to never give up on my dreams. Her album “Beatrix Runs” was released on Jan. 24, and it is very much enjoyable.

The Parlor Mob: This is a rock group that is full of talent both in lyrics and melody. What got me into their music was that their sound is raw. Most rock groups now-a-days have computer systems to clean up the edges of their music, but The Parlor Mob left most of the edginess in their music making it sound like real rock music.

Whitton: Song writer Whitton has an old timey sound that could not only be enjoyed in the late ‘50s, but also today. Her self-titled album has a certain calmness to it that makes you want to snuggle up to a loved one. She sings about what love used to feel like in her song “I Fell in Love” with the lyric “I wasn’t looking for love, until you flew in like a dove.” Her lyrics show the simplicity of how love used to be elementary until it became complicated.

Dubba Jonny: On the opposite side of finger snapping music is a fairly new genre called dubstep. Dubstep is completely electrical with deep bass lines. This genre is huge in Europe, but it is making its way to the U.S. Dubba Jonny is a great group of artists to introduce dubstep with their song “A Brief Tutorial On Dubstep,” which literally breaks down what the art is, and they somehow made it into something people can still dance to.

Daniel Urdaneta: The last artist I would recommend is actually very close to home. He attends NSU and is considered a pop rock artist. Daniel Urdaneta loves music and loves sharing it with others. He writes and produces his own music and gets his inspirations from life experience. Daniel Urdaneta writes music in both English and Spanish, but wishes to expand to a broader audience. One way he is doing this is with a particular song called: “Libertad Condicional.” This is a Spanish song that has a flare of reggae. One artist he particularly would like to work with is Emilo Estefan. However, until then, he is working with local talent and is always looking for new people to work with.

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