Five most exciting new bands/artists

Music has the power to create an atmosphere in a room, and stir up emotions in an individual. It can be used as an outlet for an artist to share a particular emotion, and have others understand it just by listening to the melodies. However, many great artists are not able to share their talent to a broad audience because main stream music tends to drown them out. In spite of this, I found five exciting new artists/ bands that should be recognized.

Step your music game up

If you’re still listening to Ace of Base, Steve Winwood, or Shania Twain, then your music library needs a drastic renovation. It’s 2010. It’s time to get with the times. Despite a lot of the garbage bombarding radio airwaves, there is good music out there. Here, in no particular order, is a little list of five artists whose albums should be downloaded to your iPod immediately.