Faceoff: Getting up and getting active

It’s finally December, and you’re about to take your last few finals for the semester. You know what that means? School is over and winter break has officially started. No more homework, no more studying and no more papers to research for. Winter break usually means sleeping in, watching Netflix all day and being lazy for three weeks, but what if I said you should do something different for a change?

Typically, students become unproductive during winter break, or any kind of break for that matter, and I know this from experience, I am the first to turn my alarm off, sleep until noon and binge watch shows on Netflix all day.

Students do the opposite and stay productive during their break from school. By doing this, you stay in routine — and let’s face it, being in school is nothing but a routine. If you spend the next few weeks of winter break perfecting laziness and watching Netflix all day, then you’ll get in the habit of being lazy. This habit makes it that much harder to get back into a productive routine once school starts again; when you’re unproductive during winter break you make it harder on yourself to get motivated for anything.

I know first-hand that every student does need some down time during winter break. So, go ahead and shut your alarm off and get some sleep, but when you get up, instead of going straight for the TV, read a book you’ve been dying to read. If you’re not much of a bookworm, you could tap into your creative side and make a scrapbook filled with high school and college photos.

You can also volunteer at many different places, including churches, animal sanctuaries and shelters. Volunteering keeps you busy and gets your mind and body used to being productive every day. Once school starts again, you’ll have no problem getting motivated to get up and study for a test.

If you don’t want to volunteer, then there are many other things to do. You can even get more creative and redecorate your room. If redecorating isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe you can head outside for a workout or just spend some time outdoors. Plan a picnic at a park with your loved ones.

If you hate the idea of working out, then avoid the typical workouts and go for a bike ride. You can take a friend with you and ride along some of the bike trails found in places like Vista View Park. A nice bike ride with a friend is just the kind of activity to help you refresh your mind and body.

Not only will keeping busy during your winter break make it easier to get back into a school routine, but it could also improve your mood. Staying active can help you de-stress, and exercising releases endorphins that energizes you and makes you feel good. You don’t have do cardio for an hour to get this affect. You can take a nice walk around your neighborhood or go for relaxing swim to help clear your mind and lift your spirits.

Break free of the typical stereotype of a lazy college student during winter break. Skip the “True Blood” marathon and get outside and just breathe in the beauty of nature around you. Recharge your body as well as your mind this winter break.

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