Shark Speak for October 27, 2015

Why did you choose NSU?


“I chose NSU due to its proximity to my home compared to my former institution, New College of Florida in Sarasota. More importantly, I value the practicality and business-focused classes. Well, a scholarship also helped in my decision.”

Paula Munera, sophomore political science major


“I chose NSU because of the beautiful location and because I fell in love with the basketball program and the campus.”

Molly Blomer, senior software engineering major


“I chose NSU because of the rigorous academics, beautiful campus and the family environment.”

Emily Stoicovy, freshman biology major


“I chose NSU because of the master’s program and the basketball program.”

Ida Krogh, senior master’s in business administration student


“I chose NSU because of its beautiful location and weather in South Florida, combined with the great reviews of the school itself.”

Karen Chandler, sophomore exercise and sports science major


“I chose NSU because everything I saw online before coming here seemed perfect.”

Henry Koenig, sophomore computer science major


“I chose NSU because of its small class sizes, ability to build relationships with faculty and the dual admission and honors program opportunities.”

Hannah Dean, sophomore biology major


“I chose NSU because I wanted to be able to attend one of the best medical schools for physician assistant programs, while remaining close to home.There’s other schools nearby like Barry and St. Thomas, but none of them interested me like NSU”.

Jason Shaw, junior biology major


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