Black Friday brings us together

For some, Black Friday is a consumerist holiday that causes nothing but crazy lines, ridiculous fights over toys and trips to the hospital. However, for others, like myself, Black Friday is an amazing holiday filled with magical deal busters and memories to last a lifetime.

Black Friday strengthens bonds between friends and family. Whenever my family shops on Black Friday, we make a plan before we go to the stores. This usually takes place after Thanksgiving dinner, when we are all huddled in the living room, looking at ads from various stores. During these times we will designate jobs. For example, two people might be appointed to retrieve the TVs, while another two will get the cameras. Teamwork makes the dream work on Black Friday.

Sure, some people get turned off by the possibility of rowdy crowds and violence on Black Friday, but I love shopping with my family and parading around the mall at 2 a.m. There will, of course, be customers who want nothing more than to snatch the last of the 40 inch TVs from your hands. However, when you have friends and family backing you up, you will be less likely to get into one of the classic Black Friday brawls while shopping. Traveling in groups is key to a successful Black Friday. Plus, it’s always more fun to shop with a friend.

The competitive nature of Black Friday is really fun to indulge in. There is nothing like the adrenaline rush from waiting in line with hundreds of others as the doors to a store open, talking about the greats deals with the people around you in line and making the mad dash inside to your heart’s most desired items. Black Friday is one of the only holidays where competiveness is not only allowed but accepted. You get the best of both worlds during this time of year: Thanksgiving, when you can come together as a family and be thankful, and Black Friday, when you can let your aggressive side take charge and get everything you want.

There are also the more obvious reasons to love Black Friday: the deal buster prices. Black Friday has some of the best deals of the year, and, for a college student, buying a 45 inch TV for $140 instead of $250 is a steal. Who doesn’t need a larger TV? And, the money that you saved during Black Friday could be used for better purposes. College students are typically poor, and using Black Friday as a way to get the things you need and to stock up on presents is smart. Racing down store aisles, squeezing between people and knocking down displays for the perfect present is worth it when you see your loves ones’ faces light up.

Black Friday is a day when dreams come true, families come together and your competitive nature can be used to hunt down the perfect gifts for loved ones. Additionally, it burns off the weight gained after eating a hearty Thanksgiving meal. Everyone should shop during Black Friday at least once in their lifetime. And, if you weren’t able to get everything you wanted on Black Friday, there’s always Cyber Monday.

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