Shark Speak: What do you think of transportation on campus?

Sarah Katz (Sharkspeak)

Sarah Katz, junior business major

“The Shark Shuttle is unreliable, slow and inconvenient. It is useful for events and stuff like Homecoming. It was nice to have the option of not having to drive and worry about parking, when there is a line of Shark Shuttles waiting taking people by the busload. Then it’s fine.”

Kurtis Kulback (Sharkspeak)

Kurtis Kulback, first year optometry student

“It’s not too bad. I mean, sometimes the app doesn’t really sync up with the actual arrival times, but overall it’s not too bad.”

Mia Knowles (Sharkspeak)

Mia Knowles, senior psychology major

“I think the Shark Shuttle is alright. It’s pretty cool. My only issue I have with it is that occasionally it’s hard to track. I have the next bus app, and sometimes it doesn’t know where the buses are and I need to be somewhere, but other than that once you’re on the bus, it’s fine.”

Tessa McKenney (Sharkspeak photo)

Tessa McKenney, junior psychology major

“I think it is very reliable in terms of time. The drivers are really nice. If I need them to pick me up in front of my house, I can just wave to them and they’ll pull over. They’re very nice. They know me by name.”

David Samame (Sharkspeak photo)

David Samame, sophomore criminal justice major

“The Shark Shuttle is kind of unreliable. Nobody knows when it’s going to pass by and it takes them a long while to go all the way back around. It does help out sometimes, but for the most part, I think it’s unreliable.”

Marco Yacouv (Sharkspeak)

Marco Yacouv, freshman biology major

“It’s OK, but it can be better. Some of the Shark Shuttle drivers are not reliable. They would tell you that another driver is coming later, but they don’t.”

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