Seriously Kidding: Student attends “Suddenly Last Summer,” misses plotline by talking the whole time

When Gabby Silverstein, sophomore business administration major, found out that she had to review a play for the theater class she took as an elective, she thought the PVA’s showing of “Suddenly Last Summer” would be the perfect opportunity. The cast and production team have a reputation for putting on great performances, and Silverstein loved the idea of not having to leave campus.

“It’s just seems like so much work, as a residential student, to go outside of Davie where I have to pay for food with real money,” said Silverstein.

But on Saturday night when she went to the play, she left without the slightest idea of what to write in her review.

“She would not stop asking questions,” said Silverstein’s boyfriend, Jack Silencia.

According to Silencia, and literally every person whose seat was within a five-foot radius, Silverstein began asking questions about the play, its plot and characters from the moment the curtain rose.

“I just wanted to know what was going to happen,” said Silverstein.

About 10 minutes into the show, Silencia said he began to ignore Silverstein.

“She’s always like this. She talks through movies, songs, TV shows and, I guess, plays now, too,” said Silencia.

Despite having little to no idea what happened in the play and not being able to provide even a partial summary of the plot, Silverstein said she “really loved” the play and that the cast “was, like, the best I’ve ever seen.” She also said she got some incredible posts for Snapchat and Instagram.

Silverstein said she’s disappointed that she can’t see “Suddenly Last Summer” again before she writes her review. She plans to watch another play she found recorded on YouTube to review instead. That way, she can rewind all the parts she talks through.

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