#Noregrets: Why I love the iPhone 8

If you’re an android-user, this article is probably going to make you angry. But, if you’re an avid and loyal Apple-user like I am, you won’t mind me saying that the iPhone 8 is probably the best phone that I’ve ever had. Cue eye-rolls, I know — but it’s true. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s camera quality, battery life and software capabilities are out of this world.

Keep in mind, I upgraded from a 16 GB iPhone 6, so the differences are a little more dramatic for me than they might be for those who currently hold the iPhone 7s. Either way, here are the highlights of the phone that I’ve experienced so far:


This is the first phone that Apple has made with a glass front and back, with a more durable product than ever before. And it’s stunning. According to Apple, the glass is supposed to be resistant to breaks, water damage and dust, but honestly I was sold just by looking at it.

Camera quality

Any iPhone user knows that Apple produces the best cameras for mobile devices. But the iPhone 8 brings quality to a whole other level. Can you say HD? This 12 MP camera is the nicest that the company has ever released on an iPhone and can also shoot video in 1080p HD. Which means you’ll be able to create some stunning creations with just the click of a button. I never realized how aesthetic my backyard was until I bought this phone. The live photo feature also lets you see movement in the photographs by holding the image, a feature I’ve seen some people use on the 7.

Battery life

With the iPhone 6, I was constantly aware of where my charger was so that I could resuscitate my phone at any moment that it chose to die. This worry has fallen to the wayside with the upgrade. I’m constantly opening and re-opening my phone to check emails, send snaps, use social media or text my friends, and even then I have at least a 30 percent battery by the time I get home at the end of the day.

Screen colors

Apple also promised and delivered on the viewing experience on the iPhone by adding features like True Tone Display and Wide Color Display, making colors on the phone look more vibrant whether you’re watching video, browsing the web or reading on an app. The screen’s also designed to adjust itself based on the lighting of your environment.

The one downside

Still, Apple has a funny way of adding new “features” to its devices and then charging customers more for it. Remember when they got rid of the headphone jack and you could buy wireless earbuds for around the same price as a kidney? The iPhone 8 not only carried on that tradition, but added the option for a wireless charger, which costs around an extra $60. Living on a college budget, I can’t tell you much about it other than that. My guess is that it works about just as well as any other wireless charger and it’s not quite a necessity.

All in all, the iPhone 8 has been a more than satisfying purchase in the short amount of time that I’ve had it. Sorry, android advocates, but I’m never switching sides.


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