Apple: innovative or big business?

Ever since the invention of the computer, Apple Inc. has been one of technology’s leading innovative companies. Apple needs to decide whether they want to become a business that is focused on making money or if they want to go back to their roots and be the company that sets the standards for others to follow.

The Apple Inc. nightmare

Apple Inc. is one of the few companies that cannot be treated indifferently; it makes people love or hate it. It’s pretty hard to avoid an Apple product these days. Every other person seems to have an iPhone or an iPad. I will not be one of them.

Tech Corner

This week, Tech Corner does the leg work for you by comparing and explaining tablets and their usefulness. Tablets made their first debut with the Microsoft Tablet PC in 2002. Touch screen tablets never really caught on until eight years later with the iPad’s unveiling. Now, taking notes, looking up information, managing your life and organizing data is all done with simple strokes of a finger. The only question that remains then is “Which tablet is the best?”