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Welcome to Tech Corner where twice a month cool new technologies get a chance to shine and showoff how amazing the 21st century really is. Look forward to consumer advice, cutting edge technology and fun new ways to enhance the gadgets you may already have. The world of technology is growing at an exponential rate and with the help of The Current you can stay on top of the curve.

This week, Tech Corner does the leg work for you by comparing and explaining tablets and their usefulness. Tablets made their first debut with the Microsoft Tablet PC in 2002. Touch screen tablets never really caught on until eight years later with the iPad’s unveiling. Now, taking notes, looking up information, managing your life and organizing data is all done with simple strokes of a finger. The only question that remains then is “Which tablet is the best?”

Each tablet excels in specific areas where others just do the same but cost more for the sake of costing more. The tablet market is an ever growing market that has exploded with new devices coming out every month. So here are five great tablets that are sure to meet the demands of school and work.


1. Apple iPad 2

Battery life: 10 hours

CPU speed: 1.00 Ghz

Cost: $499-$548

Apple’s latest power house is not only user friendly and easy on the eyes but also an amazing work station for any student. There may not be a USB drive on the iPad but it takes full advantage of data transfer of a wireless network.


2.  Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet

Battery life: 8 hours

CPU speed: 0.8 Ghz

Cost: $249

With more than one thousand apps available and great web surfing abilities, the Nook works great as an e-reader. It’s great for Netflix and has plenty of storage (16GB) for all your data. What the Nook lacks (Bluetooth, camera, GPS), it makes up for in price.


3. Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Battery life: 9.5 hours

CPU speed: 1.00 Ghz

Cost: $408+

Taking advantage of the Android 3.0 Operating System, the Asus is a sleek-looking tablet that will make people take notice. It’s thinner than the iPad and takes great pictures with its 8-megapixel camera and has tons of apps.


4. Toshiba Thrive

Battery life: 7 hours

CPU speed: 1.00 Ghz

Cost: $370

If you’re looking for a tablet similar to an iPad that has the flexibility of a laptop, then the Thrive is for you. With a removable battery and ports (USB, mini USB, HDMI and SDXC), the Thrive has the capabilities to connect to any source. It is a pretty heavy tablet (1.7 lbs), and it doesn’t play music quite well over its speakers, but it is a power house for the price.


5. Sony Tablet S

Battery life: 8 hours

CPU speed: 1.00 Ghz

Cost: $409+

This Playstation certified Tablet offers a unique ergonomic wedge shape that fits in your hands very well. The Sony lacks an HDMI port but has SD card support for transferring files. A great feature is the IR port, which turns this tablet into a universal remote.

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