Shark Speak: How do you feel NSU students show or exhibit Shark Pride?

james bellJames Bell, freshman business major

“A lot of people show up to all the events that NSU puts on. I always see people at events, so there’s no lack of school spirit. Everyone always shows up to all these events. Everyone’s joining frats, joining sororities and going to all of the games, and it’s all really cool that there’s such school spirit here.”



Mitchell Gilliland, junior marine biology majorMitchell Gilliland

“I think that NSU students show Shark Pride through the actions and the roles they play in their community. I know we’re really big on service, and I think that shows a lot about our thoughts on the community and how we express ourselves there. I also see a lot of NSU shirts. They even sell them at Walmart; I think that’s hilarious. You can see us out in the community, serving others and just being proud to be Sharks.”


Christy DorfilsChristy Dorfils, freshman biology major

“Mostly going out to events, like the basketball games, sporting events and just being a part of the NSU community and being a family.”




Amy Anfinrud, senior marine biology majoramy anfinrud

“I think since my freshman year, Shark Pride has gotten a lot better, like student sections are filling up at sports, which is a big deal. Also, I think academically we have the biggest Shark Pride here, simply because [NSU] has great academics, so seeing that spread throughout the U.S. after people graduate ends up being a big thing for [NSU].”


braden colemanBraden Coleman, freshman marine biology major

“I like to show pride, honestly. I commonly talk with faculty and the rest of the students and help them out, in ways that I can. Just walking around, asking them if they’re doing alright, I just mainly try to help out around as much as I can.”

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