Office of Recreation and Wellness to host No Shave November Bash

NSU’s Office of Recreation and Wellness will host a No Shave November Bash on Nov. 1 from 12 to 1 p.m. in the UC Spine as a way to promote awareness for men’s health. Students will get the chance to learn about what No Shave November is really about while enjoying free food, giveaways and fun activities.

The Office of Recreation and Wellness usually hosts its events on Wednesdays, as Wellness Coordinator Ivelisse Diaz pointed out. However, promoting men’s health and raising awareness for prostate cancer is what truly makes this wellness bash stand out from the rest.

“What we expect from this event is for students to have fun but, at the same time, know that November is the month that we have for raising awareness for men’s health issues,” Diaz said.

The organizers of the No Shave November Bash will collaborate with men’s hair product companies to allow students to create their very own beard-oil as a more organic approach to grooming men’s beards. Additionally, many on-campus fraternities will host a variety of activities. Last year, Diaz said that “we had Kappa Sigma do push-ups for prostate cancer.”

Information will be given out relating to important details and facts about men’s health issues.

Men can also participate in signing a pledge — a piece of paper shaped like a beard — to grow their beards for the whole month of November. As anyone comes up and asks why the students are growing their beards, students are already raising awareness by explaining the reasons behind No Shave November and the “stache” as a way to promote men’s health issues.

“So really, it’s that initiative for having students getting involved,” said Diaz.

This year, the Office of Recreation and Wellness predicts to see more than 150 students attend the bash as the numbers continue to increase from year to year.

“Just because, as it goes with our events, more people find out about it and more people come,” Diaz said.

Students can expect to see the Razor the Shark mascot and NSU’s campus nutritionist, Marilyn Gordon, at the event. For more information, contact the Office of Recreation and Wellness at

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