Athlete of the Week: Daniel Polinski

Daniel Polinski is a computer engineering graduate from the University of Miami studying the computer science graduate program at NSU. He’s also part of the men’s track and field team.

How is NSU’s Track team different than UM’s track team?

“It’s a difference in teams. It’s a different atmosphere. Obviously at UM I had different friends, coaches and it’s just a slight adjustment. Just 40 minutes away, [which] is not that big of a difference to me.”

What is something that you like about NSU?

“The flexibility here. It’s a lot more flexible here which is good.”

What are some of the factors that contributed to the great start the track and field team has had this season?

“For me the opening meet wasn’t the greatest meet, but [we] just opened up and [will] just build it from there. For me, the track meets of the beginning of the season are always the weakest, but it continues and gets better throughout the season.”

How is  being a graduate athlete different than an undergraduate one?

“I think it’s the flexibility, too. In undergrad I had a lot more [things to do] and less free time with class and stuff but in grad school you have less class and more work, so the flexibility is a factor. It can be challenging at times, you know, assignments are all due at the same time. But if you spread [them] out you’ll be fine.”

Is there something that you miss from your home, Canada?

“Yes, my family, my friends. But wherever I live it doesn’t matter as long as I’m in touch with them.”

What do you like the most about South Florida?

“Just the weather. Up in Ontario, Canada you know, it gets cold so it’s nice here.”

What got you interested in track and field?

“It was in high school. My high school teacher he’s also the coach and he asked me to come out and from there I kept going up.”

What motivated you to continue doing this sport?

“I was pretty good at it from the start and I thought if I excel in it and I kept practicing and continue then I’d get better, which led me here.”

How has NSU supported you as an athlete and as a student?

“They gave me everything I needed. If I need something and I ask it, there’s no problem. If I need help I’ll ask, but I haven’t needed help so far.”    

What advice would you give to grad students who want to be an athlete as well?

“I think manage your time properly cause there’s flexibility but there’s also a lot of time you have to be here [practicing] in the morning and it’s time consuming. But you have to plan your schedule perfectly and you’ll be fine.”

What do you like the most about track and field?

“I love how it’s a single event but at the end is a [team-oriented] sport … you all want to score as many points at conference, but in a single event, so everyone contributes.”

What are some of your traditions that you do before or after a meet?

“I eat a meal full of carbs three or four hours before the meet. Usually we compete in the middle of the day so that’d be breakfast. Oatmeal and some simple carbs and some fruits. But yeah, big meal three to four hours before.”

What do you usually do after a meet?

“Celebrate with my team. [For example] we are on our bus on our way back so we kind of celebrate talking and discussing the meet.”

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