Seriously Kidding: Student finds happiness by ‘filling the void with memes’

Sahad Mand is 19 years old, wears a knee brace and has a very large bald patch on the top of his head.

In many cases bringing this up might be considered rude, however, it’s newsworthy because all of these symptoms, according to Mand’s doctor, are results of stress. Mand’s hair started falling out six months ago after his fourth consecutive all-nighter and his muscles became so exhausted that his knees hurt every time he walks. Other symptoms Mand’s experienced include anxiety, stomach aches and blurry vision.

“This is directly caused by becoming too stressed. Sahad is incapable of caring for himself, and that, coupled with the force put on his body, is making him fall apart,” said Dr. Kanya Dusumth, Mand’s physician.

Despite this, Mand tells fellow classmates that he’s completely fine. Though he admits to an occasional “outburst” of stress, he said he’s as happy as can be and attributes this to memes.

“All the stress can really, really get to you, but you know what gets you through? Kermit sipping Lipton,” said Mand. “I’m a little stressed, but if you keep filling the void with memes you’ll probably be okay.”

Dusumth said that this is not true.

“I’m very concerned for Sahad’s health and well-being. It’s important for individuals to find healthy ways to cope with stress, whether that be exercise, venting to a friend or taking less on,” said Dusumth.

To which Mand replied, “I’ll do something; keep meme-ing, how bout dah?”

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