Understanding the meaning of Easter as explained by Catholic L.I.F.E.

This year Easter Sunday will fall on April 1, but Catholic L.I.F.E. president Claudia Stevens hopes that students won’t be fooled into thinking that the day is simply meant for scavenger hunts and egg decorating. Instead, she hopes that students will remember that for Christians, Easter Sunday marks the day when Jesus rose from the dead, symbolizing the renewal of faith and providing hope for eternal life.

What is the importance and significance of Easter?

“Easter is the greatest celebration in the Catholic church because it is the completion of the Holy week that ends with the resurrection of Jesus. Easter celebrates the beginning and foundation of Christianity. Jesus was raised from the dead, and it goes to show that He conquered sin and death. He is the only Son of God, who through this amazing resurrection, brings us closer to God and our faith.”

“Many people didn’t believe in the teachings and things that Jesus would speak about 2000 years ago, but right after he was resurrected from the dead, many turned their eyes to see that He is our Lord. Jesus’ resurrection during Easter, not only renews our faith, but also gives us peace, restores our souls, mends our brokenness and helps us to conquer our struggles, especially when we are overwhelmed.”

“Easter is a time to remember that we are all saved. Jesus died so that we could be saved from sin, and that although we do sin as humans, if we see Him as that light that can bring us out of darkness, we can live in His light continually.”

-Claudia Stevens, Catholic L.I.F.E President

How does this translate into the Catholic faith?

“This resurrection of Jesus and the whole of Holy week helps us to see how our faith should be about setting aside our doubts, and knowing that we are not broken in His eyes through His love for us and through the light of the world that is Jesus.”

How does the season of Lent tie into this celebration?

“Lent marks the preparation for His [Jesus’] death and the celebration of the coming of the Lord, seeing as Lent was sort of created after this happened in history. Lent is the time where we are able to do an inner self check of our faith and prepare for what it means [regarding] Jesus’ resurrection.”

How is Easter celebrated within the church?

“[In the Catholic church], Easter is celebrated with a mass, and in the weeks prior to there are readings and sermons about the death and resurrection of the Lord. Some churches will have an Easter egg hunt, but mainly a mass to celebrate that Jesus’ resurrection.

“To show this symbolically, many churches hold a sunrise mass which consists of four parts. A major feature in this celebration of Jesus being raised from the dead are candles that are lit along with the Paschal candle — a [special] candle that is used during the season of Easter, and at baptisms and funerals. As more and more candles are lit in the church or by way of natural light by sunrise — sometimes held on a beach — it goes to show that Jesus is the Lord, and the Light of our lives, and that he will bring us into the light when we are in darkness.”

What is Catholic L.I.F.E doing to celebrate Easter this year?

“Last year we did an egg hunt on campus, and we are finalizing the decision on whether or not to have another one this year. But, we have also been preparing for Easter during this Lent season with a rosary walk starting at the Parker Building and walking along the path with the painted blocks while praying the rosary; or we do so if there is space at the one gazebo outside, in the botanical garden on campus.

“We have also had a movie day in the library in place of a meeting, and we are finalizing a plan for the actual Easter Sunday mass, and the activities to follow. Students can email me, [at cs2443@mynsu.nova.edu] and ask about any upcoming events. [They can] also check Orgsync [page] and check out our Instagram @nsucatholiclife.”

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