Seriously Kidding: Girl who constantly claims to hate everyone confused at lack of friends

Nida Fren said that she was born knowing that she would hate everyone she meets.

“Yeah, I’m just not like other girls I guess,” said Fren. “People just really annoy me.”

Fren said that this constant annoyance causes her to wear shirts such as “I’m not racist, I hate everyone. I’m a humanist,”  to constantly bring up the fact that she’s the type of girl to wear Converse instead of a cheerleading uniform and to inform every man that looks like he may play golf that he “wouldn’t understand” someone like her.

“Sounds kind of crazy to most people, but this is just who I am. It’s my life,” said Fren.

There is one part of Fren’s life that is crazy to her, though. She can’t seem to make any friends. Since Fren entered college in the fall, she has found that there isn’t really a need for her cell phone save for watching YouTube rants. She’s only been to parties that she wasn’t invited to — or was invited to but only out of pity.

“If I felt emotion it would make me kind of sad, you know?” said Fren. “Just because I hate everyone doesn’t mean I want to be by myself all the time.”

Robert Sucker has Comp 1500 with Fren. Sucker said he’s gone to the movies with Fren once or twice but plans to never do so again.

“I felt bad because no one would sit with her but then I realized why,” said Sucker. “She’s zero fun to talk to or be around.”

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