Shark Speak: What is the difference between the word “diversity” and the word “multicultural”?

JillianJillian Harb, sophomore biology major, said:

“I don’t really know. I think ‘diversity’ is having a lot of different cultures within one place. For instance you can classify an area as very diverse. But  ‘multicultural’ is more like incorporating cultures. Some places can be diverse where there’s different ethnicities but that doesn’t mean that they bring in their culture. Multicultural would be including each other’s cultures. So like, I’m Arabic, and we could include Arabic things and African American things and Indian things and bring that all together whereas ‘diverse’ is just the people themselves and their ethnicities.”


alyssaAlyssa Garcia, freshman psychology major, said:

“I think ‘diversity’ could be diversity of culture, diversity of religion, diversity of region/location, but ‘multicultural’ is more specific to the student’s individual cultures. So I think if you’re focusing on NSU, NSU should strive to be multicultural and diverse. Because you can be multicultural but diversity is what really makes the university great. Everyone has different backgrounds so it brings more to the table.”


HibaHiba Azeem, public health major, said:

“I think ‘diversity’ is more of like people from different backgrounds, where they come from. Whereas something can be multicultural and that’s just including different cultures. For example, you can throw a multicultural party and show like Hispanic culture and Indian culture and that’s multicultural. But if something is diverse, you actually have people of different backgrounds in one place together.”


JessicaJessica Mahoney Melendez, freshman english major, said:

“Diversity is just like the difference within everything but ‘multicultural’ focuses on the differences but also has the aspect of bringing everyone together. So, I feel like with that you can admire everything whereas with diversity is seeing everything as different and disconnected.”


ArnsArns Carrenard, senior computer science major, said:

“Diversity is the state of being diverse. It’s having a range of activities happening, it’s basically a melange of a lot happening. Whereas multicultural, the word defines itself, as having a lot of ethnicities alot of culture and if I can take NSU as an example we have a lot of different nationalities, a lot of different cultures together. Diversity can be inside of one culture where there’s lot of differences inside of a culture.”

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