Fall in love with ‘Love, Simon’

High school — arguably some of the toughest years a teenager will experience. Whether it’s applying to colleges, trying to fit in or late nights spent studying to get an A on a test, everyone has a lot going on. In the movie “Love, Simon,” released on March 16, Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) is a senior in high school facing all these challenges. He’s also hiding a big secret: he’s gay, and hasn’t told anyone. When it’s revealed there’s another closeted boy at his school, Simon creates an email account and begins messaging the boy who calls himself “Blue.” As Simon begins to fall in love with his anonymous pen pal, conflict arises when fellow classmate Martin Addison (Logan Miller) slowly causes a divide between Simon and his friends. Everyone deserves a love story, and Simon has to be brave enough to become his true self and find the boy he’s fallen in love with.

Whether you’re a member of the LGBT+ community or not, “Love, Simon” has something for you. It’s a touching, fun story that details the highs and lows of a high school experience. The major message of the movie is that everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, deserves a love story. While it isn’t the first film to feature a gay character, it’s a film made by a major motion-picture company telling the story of what it’s like to come-out. It’s a step in the right direction for LGBT+ representation in films going forward.

Over the years, audiences and actors alike have pointed out the lack of representation within television shows, movies and other forms of mass media. Not to mention telling the same narrative over and over again becomes repetitive and boring. When young children or teenagers sit in the audience and see someone that looks like them, shares similar beliefs or isn’t afraid to stand up to others, it empowers them and inspires a future generation of strong, fearless leaders. I’ve seen posts all over social media about how much this movie meant to LGBT+ teens especially and how it has inspired them to come out to friends, family or even just restore their pride in being who they are.

I have seen “Love, Simon” twice now and wouldn’t hesitate to go a third time because it does such a good job of giving us a love story that we needed and haven’t seen before. Overall, I strongly recommend anyone thinking about seeing this movie to go, even if you don’t have someone to go with you. Be prepared to laugh, cry and walk out feeling hopeful knowing that this movie is paving the way for future films to tell more diverse stories that will inspire people from various generations and walks of life.

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