Best Halloween movies

If you’re tired of watching the guy with the ridiculously sharp fingers, the guy chasing people down in a hockey mask, or the story of a doctor with two personalities, then you may want to take a look at the suggestions below. Whether you want to bond with the kids or lose sleep for a week, I have you covered.

Must See Movies on SUTV 96

Car chases, hunger games, and….lace dollies? If like most students, you spent your summer break away from NSU campus, you missed out on Channel 96’s summer movie line-up. Fortunately for all the movie buffs out there, Channel 96 has introduced a new On Demand program, allowing students to watch last month’s movies whenever they want online.

Best American political movies

While many a political film has been made, there are very few worth watching. And even fewer accurately capture a political ideology, the political situation as it occurred, or a well written and executed political experiment, or some crazy combination of the three. For all the political junkies (like me) at NSU, these are my top 5 picks for the Best American political movies of all time.