Soundtrack for the summer

The summer is a time to relax, unwind and to enjoy your freedom while you don’t have any classes or a laundry list of obligations weighing you down. Here’s a list of fun and fancy-free songs from lesser known indie and electronic artists that’ll help you create a summer full of memories that’ll last a lifetime.

‘Summer Don’t Go’ by Tasty Treat (feat. Wasiu)
Tasty Treat is an electronic music producing duo based in Los Angeles. Their song “Summer Don’t Go” is a chill summer tune all about not wanting summer to leave and trying to enjoy it to the fullest extent before it passes by.

‘Solo’ by Getter (feat. Party Nails)
Getter is an electronic artist, but also a jack of all trades, dabbling in electronic, metal and hip hop. “Solo,” featuring Party Nails, is a song with the wubs of dubstep but with a poppy flair which makes it a summer party jam.

‘Sunflower’ by Rex Orange County
Rex Orange County is an English singer and songwriter. At 19, after he appeared on Tyler, The Creator’s album “Flower Boy,” he made his mark on the music industry. “Sunflower” is a song he dedicated to his girlfriend. It’s upbeat, romantic lyrics and all-around good vibe make it a perfect song for a nighttime drive with the windows rolled down.

‘Upside Down’ by Oliver Tree
Oliver Tree is a vocalist that doesn’t necessarily stick to one genre. Known for his bizarre persona, Oliver Tree makes music that’s made to stand out because nothing he makes is even remotely the same. The song, “Upside Down,” off of his debut EP has a surf rock vibe that will make you want to play it while hanging out at the beach on a sunny summer afternoon.

‘Love Gang’ by Whethan (feat. Charli XCX)
Whethan is a 19-year-old DJ and music producer from Chicago who is signed to Atlantic Records, alongside Charli XCX who he collaborated with to make this song. “Love Gang” is a feel-good song that’s perfect for pop fans and electronic fans alike.

‘Peaches’ by CRAY
CRAY is a female music producer and DJ. Her song “Peaches” is a departure from her usual style, but features her own vocals and is a song for dance-music lovers that don’t necessarily want to dance too hard.

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