Flight Deck’s New Menu; What’s Worth the Hype?

Shark Dining has upgraded a bunch since last year. There’s a lot of new options for students, plus the one price dining thing is pretty sweet. A personal favorite food spot of mine last year was Flight Deck. Their menu has upgraded a bit, so I wanted to try out a few newer items to see how they taste. Special thanks to my friend Christina for letting me use her DB to buy the food, since my meal plan isn’t the best.


Guava cheesecake

Dessert is usually my favorite part of a meal, so it was only fitting that I tried a new option. The guava cheesecake immediately caught my interest. I’ve never tried guava, but I knew I loved cheesecake. The cake itself is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth, since its quite sugary. The guava part was pretty good buta tad bit on the bitter side for my taste. The Flight Deck menu says you can order it with ice cream, so I may try that out next time.

Would give 3 out of 5 sharks



Turkey burger

Burgers are my go-to junk meal.  I don’t think you can mess up a burger if you tried. The turkey burger at Flight Deck was tasty. The meat itself wasn’t overly dry and was flavorful, andthe few jalapenos gave it a good kick of spice. The guacamole that came on the burger wasn’t the greatest. It seemed like the only ingredient that lacked taste. Still, the overall burger was pretty delicious. Even though I was disappointed with the guacamole, there’s a good chance I’d get it again.

Would give 3.5 out of 5 sharks


Spring rolls

Spring rolls are a small, but quite filling meal. The spring rolls at Flight Deck were similar to ordinary ones. Theyhad the same taste, with the only difference being the Flight Deck ones are on the crispy side. The sauce has a little hint of spice, which was quite enjoyable. This is an amazing vegetarian/vegan option for students.

Would give 4 out of 5 sharks




Fried ravioli

I loved seeing raviolis as an addition to the menu,and I was pleasantlysurprised by how good they were. The dumpling was’t completely fried but did have a nice crunch to it. The pasta dough and filling taste similar to an average one. In my opinion, the sauce was a little on the sweeter side I’d like to try them again, but with light or no sauce.

Would give 4 out of 5 sharks


Potato skins

I think this is my favorite addition to the Flight Deck menu. Potatoes with a bunch of cheese on top? I was sold! The potatoes have a great crunch to the skin but can taste a little too burnt sometimes. There was a bunch of cheese, but not enough to completely hide the potato. The one thing that drove me crazy about the dish was how greasy it is. You’re going to need an entire roll of paper towels to clean up afterwards.

Would give 4.5 out of 5 sharks

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