Finding Fitness: US Ninja League Gym

For fans of tv show “American Ninja Warrior” and those always looking for an intense workout, look no further than the Ninja League Gym in Deerfield Beach. This first-year startup company provides a challenging obstacle course and two full weight rooms to members and guests in the community.

According to Richie Daggs, owner and chief executive officer of US Ninja League, the gym is specifically designed for ninja warrior-type training yet diverse enough to be open to all fitness levels, ages and even those who just want to have some fun.

For those new to this style of training, there is a coach always on the floor to guide and encourage customers to complete sections of the course. This style of fitness also provides health benefits that extend through numerous physical and psychological effects.

“All exercise is going to have great psychological benefits. [There is a] positivity from [this gym, which can help customers] get out of depressive and anxious [tendencies] by having those endorphins running through the body,” said Emily James, director of operations.

This unique fitness style allows for all type of athletes from all sectors to challenge themselves and meet new fitness goals they haven’t experienced before. The gym has created a competitive environment that is not belittling to an athletes strength or existing skills and encourages them to achieve their goals.

“Whatever you thought you weren’t capable of or could not do, in 10 to 15 minutes you overcome that feeling. It builds confidence,” said Daggs.

US Ninja League is not only for novices, but also the breeding ground of a training environment for a sports league they created called the “US Ninja League” where athletes in the community can compete. This league provides a ranking system through the webscorer application and opportunities for competitors to earn prizes and gain a competitive edge in their community.

College students are encouraged to participate and join the gym. According to Daggs, college is competitive atmosphere and the gym provides a platform for students to express themselves to have fun, hone their athletic ability and destress from their busy schedules

“The students can benefit and expand their sense of community amongst themselves and break down barriers that exist within the college community,” said Daggs.

There are many options to participate in the gym through one hour classes, freestyle open gym sessions and personalized training sessions. A few classes they offer to guests are cargo core which involves core exercises on a cargo net and intro to ninja class which teaches beginners how to feel comfortable with the equipment and learn technique. A popular class they offer is pump and jump where guests work with weights in the gym to “pump” and move over to the obstacle course to “jump” for a high-intensity workout.

Guests can participate in a day visit which costs $40 per hour or $25 per half hour. Those who plan to become members of the gym can sign up for their $49 monthly membership program.

In the future, the gym hopes to franchise and enhance the success of the league by hosting their own competitions in their facilities and in fitness expos starting next year. There will be multiple configurations of the course, which will be released on a quarterly basis to keep the courses competitive and challenging for members and competitive athletes part of the US Ninja League.

Those interested in checking out the gym for a session or class can visit or call (754) 227-5453.


US Ninja League Gym

3650 SW 10th St

Deerfield Beach, FL 33442


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