Throw a Spooky Party on a Budget

Let’s be real, college students don’t have an abundance of money to spare for throwing the best Halloween parties. Here’s some simple tips as to how you can throw your own budget bash.

Get Lit

Just lighting can cost hundreds of dollars. There’s a few lighting options that will not break your wallet, however. Gather as many empty paper towel rolls as you can and cut two eye slits into each roll, and place two glow sticks or flameless mini votive candles inside the roll. Now, you have glow in the dark eyes that help set a creepy mood when the lights are dimmed. Another inexpensive lighting project is filling a water balloons with glow sticks,putting the water balloons in a stockings and hanging them from the ceiling.

Pump it up with Pumpkins

Pumpkins are great to use as decorations. Turning a pumpkin into a drink dispenser or a punch bowl is a nice way to integrate Halloween into your party, and you’ll save money since pumpkins are always on sale this time of the year. An additional craft involves using chicken wire to make different shapes which can be a way to integrate some horror into a room. Chicken wire is malleable and may be manipulated into ghosts, spider webs or bats. For an even spookier atmosphere, drip wax from red pillar candles over white pillar candles to make the white candles look bloody. A cool entrance piece for your party is a witch hat with streamers flowing from it. Halloween candles also set a creepy tone.The best thing about all these decorations is that they can be found at Dollar Tree.

A Theme Come True

Themes can make or break a party. The great thing about Halloween is that there are hundreds of themes to choose from. A costume party is a nice way to spark people’s creativity and to create conversation. Another fun theme is a find the killer party. The premise is that someone has just been killed and that the killer is one of the party-goers. Your guest will have fun finding out who did it. Music can also set a creepy mood. There’s a Spotify playlist for pretty much everything, so whether the party is a “The Walking Dead” theme or a “Bates Motel” theme, you can find a playlist for it.

Throwing a party on a budget can still be fun. It does not have to be the best party ever; you just need good music, friends and food. All you have to do is make the most of the experience.

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