Today is too soon to deck the halls

I have lived in South Florida for my entire life and, of all the seasons, winter is my favorite by far. There’s a multitude of aspects about winter that I patiently wait all year for: people seem to be in better moods, the weather becomes somewhat pleasant and enjoyable and let’s not forget about the holidays. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to appreciate the holidays more and more. Aside from spending time with family and getting a break from school, I love seeing all the decorations that people strategically plan out and spend hours putting up. It feels as though there is a “collective cheerfulness” that is brought out by holiday decorating regardless of what holiday you celebrate.  Everyone knows that once the lights are up, the season has begun. However, there is a time and a place for everything. Holiday decorating is no exception to the rule.

I don’t think anybody should start taking their lights, reindeer and menorahs out of storage until after Thanksgiving. Recently, I’ve noticed that there is already a heavy focus on Christmas, especially towards the end of October. It feels as though stores such as Walmart and Target only care about how they can increase their profit margin and resort to using this tactic– Halloween decorations, candy and costumes were on shelves by August this year, two months before October. What is the rush ? It’s most likely a result of commercialism since our society is all about consuming. But people could just really love the holidays so much that they’re willing to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving. But doesn’t that take the sacredness out of decorating?

Holiday decorating is supposed to be a fun and much anticipated annual event that should take place after you’ve been able to digest your food and finish your leftover turkey and stuffing from Thanksgiving dinner. I understand that some people just don’t have the time to wait for when it’s appropriate due to busy, demanding schedules and they get a pass . The issue I have is with those who just appear to have lost their sense of enjoyment for decoration—meaning that they’re just doing it to get it over with. On the other hand, it could also be  that they’re so into it that they can’t wait for the right time.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good set of string lights just as much as anyone else. All I’m saying is to keep calm, be patient and deck your halls in late November or early December. Ultimately, it’s your own and everyone else’s personal decision when to decorate, I’m just simply trying to point out that we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves and enjoy the holidays as they come. Winter will still be my favorite season and I will never lose my adoration for holiday decorations.

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