Soundbite: HOAX

HOAX is an indie band from Long Island, NY. Their vibe is something between groovy pop, “the sound of beautiful sadness” and 70s-esque jams; it’s heavy on head-bopping drum beats and melodic chimes. HOAX is comprised of members Mike Raj (lead vocals and guitar), Frantz Cesar (bass), Paul Brower and Kevin Lopez (guitar) and Jacob Lopez (drums). The band might appeal to fans of Young the Giant, Frank Ocean or The XX.

In 2018, the band released two singles, “Moon Moon Baby” and “Grow,” which are precursors to their next project titled “b?” which will likely come out in the near future. They have previously released one seven-song album titled “Words That End with Wh(y),” an EP “The Truth and other Lies” and a handful of other singles. Some of their earlier songs are a little more relaxed than their most recent releases but are still worth playing on repeat. Off of “Words That End with Wh(y),” the song “Sway” is a press-favorite and worth listening to.

In an interview with Steereo, Raj explained that the group’s genre-blending has been a liberating experience. As a brown man, people always expected him to like certain things growing up, but he experienced different people and interests, never limiting himself to one clique. Raj explained that music tastes fluctuates just like emotion or creativity, and told the interviewer that “[Genre-less music is] as close to humanity as it gets.”

Outside of their music, fans celebrate the group’s online presence and activism. Several outlets like Earmilk note the diversity among the group, as the members have a mix of nationalities— Indian, Puerto Rican, Haitian, Ecuadorian, Irish and Italian. Earlier in 2018, they also shared feminist-inspired valentine cards to their Facebook page, with pick up lines like “Did it hurt? When you broke the glass ceiling?” If that wasn’t enough, they also presented a benefit concert called P.R.O.M. (Puerto Rico on Our Minds) in 2017 for those affected by the hurricane in Puerto Rico. If you’re looking for a band that you can feel comfortable and confident supporting beyond just their music, HOAX is the up-and-coming group for you. Follow the band on Twitter and Instagram at @hoax_band to see more of their lives and work.

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