Water Your Thoughts: Blame it on your Horoscope

Every morning to start my day I unlock my phone and read my horoscope for the day so I know what I should expect to happen.  

Being a Pisces, I already know what good and bad qualities I possess. Some positive qualities include imaginative, intuitive and sensitive. Some negative traits include weak-willed, over-sensitive, idealistic and pessimistic. Part of life is trying to figure out how to not let our bad qualities get in the way while trying to project how capable we are because of our good qualities.  

We’re definitely complicated. Even the most stable, well-rounded and kind people have their downfalls or personal challenges. We all have flaws. Some of those flaws are things that we can work on, but some of them are just pieces of who we are and sometimes it’s better to simply accept those things about ourselves rather than fighting against our personality type.

We all have stories of feeling deceived, confused to the point of questioning our own sanity, the disappointment and disheartenment we may feel when we discover that which we were certain was there, disappears. Pisces’ tend to be escapists by nature, so when things go wrong, they will blame it on their bad luck or something else and avoid dealing with it fair and square. Hence, maybe why I am writing this and blaming certain events on my horoscope.

Many people think that astrology is just something someone who was bored just came up with. However, some scientists think that the way the Earth is aligned in space can cause humans to act in a particular way, whether we notice it or not. This would prove that our behaviors and moods are revolved around the stars.

As you can see, I am a huge believer in horoscopes. I believe that stars control our destiny…. or not. Anyways, they are always a good enough reason for explaining our most embarrassing and odd moments.

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