Water your thoughts: So… an egg broke a world record

2019 is, already, off to a weird start. On Jan. 4, a new Instagram account named @world_record_egg set out on a mission. The account posted a stock photo of an egg with the goal of becoming the most-liked picture on the platform. Surprisingly, it did. A picture of an egg became the most-liked image on Instagram, beating out Kylie Jenner’s picture announcing her daughter’s name. The new record-breaking picture has over 45 million “likes”.

As shocking as this may be, this egg has caused some controversy. Some people are outraged that people are more concerned with the picture over “real world” issues. Others think it’s funny and just another way the internet has come together to do something cool. There is also a theory going around that the account was made to mess with Kylie Jenner to get some sort of reaction out of her.

I think the idea of a record-breaking egg is hysterical. Some of the “Egg Gang” has even gone so far as to comment egg emojis in the comments of Kylie Jenner’s picture. Also, this account has gotten verified by Instagram and now is selling merchandise. The account’s bio says that their record-breaking picture “is only the beginning.” What is the egg going to do next?

The way the internet gathers around something weird, dumb and funny is quite fascinating. Overall, this may not be the most important news to talk about, but it will definitely give everyone a good laugh.

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