Where to hang your hammock

With midterms coming up soon, stress levels are high around campus. It’s important to walk away from your work sometimes and let yourself relax. Hammocking is a great way to literally lose sight of everything on the horizon. Plus, you can always bring a friend or significant other to spend time alongside you. If you already have a hammock, here are a few places on and off campus to try out. If you don’t, these might just convince you to invest.

On-campus spots


Pick out a couple prime palm trees between the library and Horvitz, and sling your hammock across them. Foot traffic is relatively light even during the day, so you’re unlikely to be disturbed. You’ll get to see campus ducks waddle by, or if you’re lucky, you might even see a fellow sunbathing iguana.

Behind the UC

Quite a few trees line the walking path behind the UC. Not only is it a nice walk but it’s not heavily frequented, so you’ll get to enjoy peaceful seclusion along the canal. Bring a book — leisure only — or a magazine with you to accompany your newfound silence.

The Commons

If you prefer ambient noise to silence, try hanging from the palm trees in front of Commons. You’ll get to enjoy quaint Florida architecture and the pit-patter of occasional footsteps. Remember, if you’re going out to soak up some sun, slap on some sunscreen.

Off-campus spots

Colee Hammock Park

Just south of Las Olas Blvd., Colee Hammock Park is a perfect place to lay back and watch boats pass. When the river’s clear, you’ll get to enjoy the pretty blues flowing by, and if you look up, the mansions surrounding are a sight for sore eyes.

Dania Beach Pier

Hang just above foamy sea water and just under well-loved wooden planks. You’ll be shaded from the sun and have plenty of white noise to lull you into a cozy beach nap. Whenever you open up your eyes, you can walk along to shore to really leave your worries behind.

Tree Tops Park

Check out Tree Tops for acres of room for relaxation. In the picnic area, there are trees surrounding open space, so you can look up at the canopy meeting the sky. While there, you can explore the park’s 23 acres for other great places to hang.

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